Best Castable Fishfinders – 2022 Honest Reviews

Best Castable Fishfinders 2022

In recent years, castable fishfinders have become popular choices among angulars, from beginners to enthusiasts alike. Factors driving this popularity include ease of use, compactness and they are generally cheaper than a traditional fishfinder or chartplotters. Castable fishfinders are among the cheapest fishfinders you will find on the market. They are also very easy to … Read more

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro, Pro Plus and Pro Plus 2 Review – A Comprehensive Guide

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro, Pro Plus and Pro Plus 2 Review

When a castable fishfinder is mentioned one of the names that’s most likely to come up is Deeper, the company has a wide range of castable fishfinders as well as a very good rating on all their different castable fishfinders. The Pro series which consists of the Deeper Pro, Deeper Pro+, and Deeper Pro+ 2 … Read more

Garmin Striker Plus vs Striker Vivid – What’s the Difference?

Garmin Striker Plus vs Striker Vivid - What's the Difference?

If you are looking for a fishfinder that can help you find fish in coastal waters and lakes, the Garmin Striker Vivid and Striker Plus series offers a decent deal of options to choose from. Although Striker Plus has been discontinued, it’s still relatively available on the market, and it shares a lot of similarities … Read more

Best Fishfinders for Shallow Water Fishing – 2021 Review

best fishfinders for shallow water fishing

Shallow water can be referred to as freshwater which includes ponds, lakes, rivers, and shores. So if you’re fishing in any of these environments, you need the right fishfinder for shallow water fishing. Many anglers make mistakes by thinking that any fishfinder will work for any type of water. But that’s certainly not the case. … Read more